Client testimonials...

Reader's Digest Managing Editor,  Sue Carney 

"I’ve commissioned Josephine to write and edit features, flesh out ideas and carve exciting 3000 word narratives out of 200 or so page books. She’s come back every time with sparkling words that truly do bring real people and their stories into the sharpest focus. Josephine knows her stuff. She delivers to all her audiences – her readers, editors and writers – so their lives are easier, brighter and brimming with interesting ideas. On deadline, better than planned, faultlessly presented and with flourish every time. Don’t you dare give her any work, though, or she’ll have less time to work with me."

NOTEBOOK Founding Editor, Liz Parker
"Josephine Brouard has written for Notebook: magazine since its launch in September 2005. The magazine has exacting standards for stories and Josephine prides herself on meeting them every time. A skilled interviewer, who drills down to the real issues, she writes with passion and flair - qualities which have helped win Notebook: a reputation for excellence, including the MPA ‘s 2006 Launch of the Year. 

Notebook: was also recently recognised by the Australia and New Zealand Mental Health Service for its coverage of bipolar disorder. Josephine's profile on how a young mother learnt to cope with the disease cut through stigma and social prejudice, exemplifying those rare instances of magazine writing that impress the hearts and minds of readers and make a difference in our community.

I have admired Josephine’s ability and integrity since she became a newspaper and television journalist and then transferred her talent to magazines. I wish her lots more success and look forward to her next book."

Corporate Documents & Newsletters

"Josephine Brouard is a consummate professional with excellent commercial savvy and dramatic flair. She turns boring government periodicals into useful, readable magazines that people want to pick up, and when commissioned to write our first book produced a commercial and sexy publication that Australia’s business leaders willingly endorsed. Once given a project to manage, you need never worry that the job won’t get done – nor that every last drop of a project’s potential will not be captured. I cannot recommend enough.”
Fiona Krautil, Director, Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA)

Magazines & Articles

"I was aware of Josephine Brouard’s prowess as a journalist when I approached her about joining the New Woman team in the mid-90s. What I didn’t know was the breadth and substance that underlay her editorial output. In retrospect now, it is no surprise that Josephine not only made a major contribution to the establishment of New Woman as Marketing Manager, but that she went on to capture and develop the spirit of the magazine as Editor. Those were heady days for New Woman, and I revelled in sharing them with a talented, aware and personable woman who has since become my firm friend.”
Matt Handbury, CEO, Murdoch Magazines

Brand Identity
Lifestyle Magazines

"Initiative, perceptive, sensitive, creative. These are qualities that Josephine brought to the production of Pink Ribbon magazine, the first Australian lifestyle magazine published by a charity as a fundraising and communication vehicle. As guest editor for the inaugural edition, the National Breast Cancer Foundation had no hesitation in inviting Josephine back to assume responsibility as editor for the second. She tackled some potentially difficult and sensitive areas with great skill and diplomacy. Her attention to detail, and her willingness to listen, made for a very positive working relationship. We did not hesitate to invite her as for a third editor’s slot in 2004. The success of Pink Ribbon magazine is testament to her professionalism and commitment to our cause."
Susan Murray, General Manager, National Breast Cancer Foundation


“Marketing & Development is one of the fastest-growing management positions in the Education sector - and is much more than glossy brochures. Working with Josephine really suited me: my demanding role leaves little time for more than a verbal brief for the many brochures, media releases, captions, reports and letters my school needs. I invited Josephine to Oxford Falls so that she could witness for herself our school's direction and vision. She really 'got it' and from that day on, I could email her what I needed and presto, back it would comes with the i's dotted and the t’s crossed and her creative flair bringing to life the messages we needed to communicate. Knowing Josephine clearly understands where I am heading - and having her help to satisfy my board of seven executive directors - is an absolute blessing.”
Lee Petrie, Director of Development. Oxford Falls Grammar School




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