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Click here for a profile in a Sydney newspaper following the publication of Josephine's recent book, Monsoon Rains & Icicle Drops ...

Monsoon Rains & Icicle Drops
(Murdoch Books, $24.95) is available at all leading Australian bookstores. The true story of a 30-something Australian woman who nows lives in Sri Lanka, the book has already been acclaimed by author Sarah Macdonald (who wrote the bestseller Holy Cow!) as a winner. Sarah enjoyed the book so much - calling it "inspiring" - that she allowed her name to be used on the book's cover ... a coup for ghost writer Josephine Brouard who decided to write this amazing tale after meeting Libby Southwell.

Monsoon Rains & Icicle Drops is the story of Libby Southwell who lost her fiance down a crevasse in the mountains of New Zealand and who went travelling in Asia as a way of mending her broken heart. Her subsequent highs and lows, laughter and tears in countries as exotic as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet and Mongolia, are the stuff that have made countless people remark: "What a life! What a story!" Buy a copy today and tell all your friends about this ripping good yarn about an amazing young woman who overcame disaster to discover strength, serenity and a renewed sense of purpose.
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Chief Executives Unplugged makes AFR/Boss "must read" management book list!
Chief Executives Unplugged
(New Frontier, $19.95) was launched March 2004 by the Federal Government agency, EOWA, to coincide with International Woman’s Day [IWD]. This 112-page tome, with frank and forthright interviews with 10 of Australia’s leading CEOs [ANZ, McDonald’s, Alcoa, Ernst & Young, and more] about how to harness female talent and commitment, has been hailed by Prof Dexter Dunphy of UTS’s School of Business as “a must-read for anyone seeking a critical advantage in the workplace” while Saatchi & Saatchi chair Sandra Yates describes the book as “a blueprint for every aspiring chief executive”. The book was conceived, project managed, written and edited by Josephine Brouard with co-authors, EO experts Lisa Annese and Fiona Krautil, contributing vision, material and input.
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London Bombing Exclusive. 
This 3,500 word piece was edited for Reader's Digest June 2007 issue from the 70,000-word book, One Unknown: A Powerful Account of Survival (US publisher Rodale) written by bombing victim Gillian Hicks. As editor commissioned to repackage the dramatic account, my job was to determine the best way to condense the entire story into a rivetting shorter read.  Read more here. ( 799 KB)
Tuesday's Child
This book authored by mother Kathy Evans, telling of living with a child with Down's Syndrome, was edited from around 60,000 words to 3,500, for the Spring 2007 issue of HealthSmart. Once commissioned by the publishers who gain permission from the author for condensation, it is entirely up to me how I edit this piece so that it captures the flavour and message of the original. A wonderful assignment! Read more here. ( PDF551 KB)


PINK RIBBON magazine 2005  is out now!
For the 3rd consecutive year, Josephine Brouard and her team have produced an annual glossy lifestyle magazine full of news, views and reviews, to raise $$$ for breast cancer research. Each year the challenge is to harness the creativity of star writers and photographers in order to create a glossy magazine that people LOVE to buy... so ensuring handsome profits for a GREAT CAUSE. So far, three issues of Pink Ribbon magazine have raised close to half a million dollars. Look out for the 2005 issue in newsagents from September 1, 2005 and read more about it here. ( PDF 1.8 MB)


PINK RIBBON magazine 2004 is 176 pages jam-packed with life, love and laughter.
Kath & Kim, Kathy Lette and Richard Glover write for the magazine and make us laugh out loud; Marcia Hines traces her love of music; kids tell us what they think love is all about; Andrew Denton reveals how Enough Rope has taught him about heart; and US singer Anastacia and other remarkable women talk about how they get most out of life ... even when adversity strikes. There's also great food from foodie Bill Granger; to-die-for fashion including swimwear and everyday feminine dresses; all the latest style accessories; how to be a natural beauty, DIY art, the beauty of nature, and much, much more. Sold at newsagents throughout Australia during October and November to raise money for breast cancer research, this is a magazine that gives as good as it gets. Never has $7.95 for charity been such a worthwhile spend!!!
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Pink Ribbon 2003
As Editor of Pink Ribbon in 2003, I produced an entertainment-packed 168-page women’s lifestyle publication, selling on newsstands for $7.95, to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), a non-profit organisation that raises money for breast cancer research. Roughly 30 per cent of the magazine covers breast cancer issues, the remaining 70 per cent is lifestyle, fun, features, fashion, beauty and good reads. With a miniscule charity budget and a very small editorial team, I commissioned writers, photographers, stylists and publishing insiders to contribute and collaborate on the magazine features – often for no fee. The result was an outstanding success and NBCF invited me to edit the magazine again in 2004.
View Cover ( PDF 119 KB)
New Woman
As Editor of one of Australia’s ‘Top’ 20 magazine titles from ’94 to ’96, I produced a monthly publication that grew in circulation more strongly the longer I was in the chair. With a brief to speak to 30-something women who were interested in more than celebrities, fashion and trivia, this was a dream job that saw the magazine make money for the first time in its history, increase circulation and advertising revenue – and garner awards for its writers.
View editorial page ( PDF 91 KB)
Equal Opportunity For Women In The Workplace Agency (EOWA)
For this Government agency, several 12 to 16-page newsletters were produced on an ad hoc basis, depending on the agency’s budget. The newsletter contains news, views, case studies and step-by-step guides to implementing government policy … all in a light, readable and friendly way. This newsletter is distributed to EOWA’s database of 8,000 clients.
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Mahboba's Promise
Inspired by the work of Mahboba Rawi after viewing her profile on the ABC’s Australian Story, I’ve produced two newsletters for Mahboba’s organisation so far, each dedicated to raising money for widows and orphans in Afghanistan. The Mahboba’s Promise newsletters give Mahboba’s supporters an inkling of what is happening in the middle eastern region; where their money is going to; what projects are progressing; what fundraising events they can contribute to; and so on. With copywriting and design provided gratis and printing at charity prices, we produced one newsletter in 4-colour and another in 2-colour, according to Mahboba’s budget.
View December 2003 Newsletter ( PDF 154 KB)


Mahboba's Promise raises money for widows and orphans in Afghanistan
Check out the latest newsletter from Sydneysider Mahboba Rawi who works tirelessly to help her wartorn people back home. Writing works is proud to donate its time and services every year to support Mahboba's philanthropic work as she makes a profound differenece to thousands of lives.
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New! 2007 e-newsletter
Thanks to the efforts of Mahboba's Promise, Afghanistan's most needy experience relief. Most notably, Kabul now boasts a community centre, Hope House, that houses more than 100 widows and orphans formerly living in desperate conditions on Kabul's streets. Writing Works is proud to support this charity organisation.
View the e-newsletter and read on...

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Don't Get Mad Get Even RD Cover Story on CONSUMER REVENGE
Tired of hearing a computer tell you "Your call is important to US" as you hold for what seems like hours? You're not alone! This article profiles four people who didn't get mad- they got even!
Download PDF ( PDF 268 KB)
Reader's Digest - July 2011 RD Cover Story on WHO DO WE TRUST
Every year Reader's Digest polls Australians about the high-profilers they trust [or not]. This article outlines the Australians that earn the nation's trust in 2011.
Download PDF ( PDF 168 KB)
Power of Good RD Cover Story on THE POWER OF GOOD
Random acts of kindness, whether big or small, can make a difference in people's lives, as ground-breaking research, and many personal stories, attest.
Download PDF ( PDF 571 KB)
Diary of a Facelift
With everyone going gaga for cosmetic procedures, what does it feel like to have taken a serious plunge into the world of surgical makeovers? Read this and find out.
View article (JPG)
Travel review: The Land of the Yellow Star
In 2011 China is the world's newest superpower, and who can disagree after visiting some of this mammoth's must-see citadels?
Download PDF ( PDF 906KB)
Bush retreat
It's a lush, understated hostelry nestled in a quiet corner of the Blue Mountains. Welcome to Sangoma Retreat, where Australian Bush and African sensibilities collide in a restful, luxurious weekend retreat.
Download PDF ( PDF 732 KB)
The Last Act of Love
You've shooed the kids off to college or student digs and now... it's your parents who need emotional support, and a guiding hand. But brace yourself, it's going to be a rocky ride!
Download PDF ( PDF1,15 MB)
Click! It's Sold!
Online shopping is revolutionising the way we shop = and killing many bricks-and-mortar retail businesses, as Josephine Brouard reports.
Download PDF ( PDF 232 KB)

My Mother, my Child 
When Alzheimer's began to transform their mother's personality  and abilities, one family felt compelled to put their beloved 'Maman'  into frail care. This is their physical and philosophical journey, as published in READER's DIGEST June 2007. 
View article ( PDF 455 KB)
It's Crunch Time, says John Symond
In these two recent profiles for the Australasian Real Estate Bulletin, money men John Symond and Paul Clitheroe discuss Australia’s  financial landscape 
View article ( PDF 258 KB)

A worldwide drug is the Internet and while some turn to it for love, news or porn, others turn to it for a laugh. Click here for Josephine Brouard's latest published article in the April issue of Reader's Digest, EHAHA.
Download and read on... ( PDF 2.26 KB)

Obsessed with coffee Coffee Snobs
Australians are obsessed with coffee: it's become the national drug of choice worth roughly $800 million annually, reports Josephine Brouard in the latest issue of HealthSmart. Click here to read about the aficionados who swear by coffees of origin, who tamp so many coffees daily that they suffer chronic injury, and who know their macchiato from their ristretto.
Download and read on... ( PDF 1.90 MB)
Money Matters
With the Australian dollar at new all-time lows, Paul Clitheroe won't be taking his family on a holiday overseas any time soon - he'll be buying blue chip shares at discount prices with his money instead. "The financial climate is extremely dangerous right now," the chairman of the Federal Government's Financial Literacy Foundation says. "Any capitalist system is built on confidence and since more than 25 big banks around the world have been bailed out so far, confidence is close to rock-bottom. If we continue to see this kind of loss of confidence, the crisis will become self-fulfilling and anything could happen". Read Josephine's January 2009 interview with the financial boffin.
View article ( PDF 372 KB

Visit Magical Mexico
Want to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of somewhere truly exotic? Try the chilli factor, says Josephine Brouard in this 'global kitchen' article published in the world's best food magazine, DELICIOUS.
View article ( PDF 623 KB)

The Chocolate Diaries
 When Penny Kemp discovered she had ovarian cancer, did she feel sorry for herself? No! Instead her feisty spirit (and her love of chocolate) led her to remission, while shining a light for others on  the path. As published in HEALTH SMART, May 2007.
View article ( PDF 990 KB)

Sunday Telegraph SUNDAY magazine: THE POWER OF PINK
Read all about how Jana Wendt, Georgie Parker, Sarah Murdoch and a host of Australian celebrities get behind Australia's most popular charity.
View article ( PDF 214 KB)
Mad about Dogs
Meet a quartet of canine lovers who talk about their devotion to their pooches... as featured in Australia's newest glossy lifestyle magazine, NOTEBOOK.
View article ( PDF 90 KB)
Interview Gabi Hollows
Fred Hollows' widow and philanthropist extraordinaire Gabi Hollows talks about her life, loves and her ongoing devotion to the work her Australian of the Year husband championed during his lifetime. Thanks to the Hollows Foundation, people in third countries are given sight... read the story of this ongoing philanthropy in Gabi's own words, as published in SUNDAY magazine in July 2005.
 View article ( PDF 90 KB)
All about Adoption
Always wanted a child but couldn't have one, for whatever reason? Three couples and a single mother talk about the harrowing journey and ultimate incredible joy they experienced when they decided to adopt an orphan from overseas. For more details of the NOTEBOOK article, click here.
View article ( PDF 90 KB)
Pulitzer Prize Winner
Former foreign correspondent and award-winning author Geraldine Brooks talks about life, death and other peace-shattering ideas in this frank, intelligent and erudite interview as published in Pink Ribbon 2005.
Page 1  (
PDF 90 KB)
Page 2  (
PDF 90 KB)
Page 3 (
PDF 90 KB)
Multi-coloured, many faiths
This article about multiculturalism and diversity appeared in Australia’s highest-circulating magazine, the Australian Women’s Weekly, in March 2003. The article profiles 4 women of different backgrounds who talk about their culture, customs and their journey to become Australian citizens. Each vivid account makes your heart break.
View article ( PDF 90 KB)
Men at Work
This cover story for Australia’s premier financial publication about business leaders who are also fathers was groundbreaking for a financial title because it discussed, for once, how men (rather than women) struggle to be both successful at work … and be good parents. Supported by many interviews with experts, researchers and older and younger businessmen, the article appeared to great acclaim and led to a string of subsequent freelance commissions.
View article ( PDF xxx KB)
Exclusive Christmas interview with Kath and Kim
Appearing December 19 in SUNDAY magazine, the foxy ladies of Fountain Lakes spill the beans on what they plan for Christmas - and what a scenario it is, with Diet Tia Maria, Sharon as Santa, and Kel whipping up another sausage sizzle special.
Download and read on... ( PDF 328 KB)
Grammy award-winning songstress Anastacia
This US songbird is no Britney Spears - she'd got sass and style and she takes nonsense form no one, and breast cancer is only one battle she's tackled in her lifetime.
Download and read on... ( PDF 3.6 MB)
Family Affairs
As a regular contributor to Australia’s No.1 parenting magazine, I penned many features, including articles on parenting, body image, children's issues and much more.
View article 1 ( PDF 137 KB)
View article 2 ( PDF 180 KB)
Women's Health
With a Psychology degree under my belt, my brief as a regular contributor to Women’s Health was to cover issues of mental health. In this article on anxiety disorders, I spoke to experts and those who suffer from the disorder. A widespread problem affecting one in 10 Australians, the article suggested ways to identify, treat and get support if one was a sufferer.
View article ( PDF 99 KB)
Nicole before she was famous
As full-time features writer for Cleo magazine in the late 80s, I interviewed every Australian celebrity possible… from Barry Humphries to Jana Wendt, Andrew Denton to Elizabeth Hayes, Ernie Dingo to Nicole Kidman. I also wrote about tax, prostitution, policing, schizophrenia, nuns, strippers, socialites and movers and shakers generally. You get around – and you learn a lot!
View Nicole Kidman Interview ( PDF 95 KB)
How do you top a worldwide phenomenon like Thorn Birds?
Best-selling author Colleen McCullough reveals what's going on in her life as her umpteenth book, Angle Puss, debuts in bookstores this Christmas 2004. The interview appeared in December in the Sunday Telegraph's popular SUNDAY magazine, read nationally by three million readers.
Download and read on... ( PDF 153 KB)
  The world of stand-up comedy
What makes a stand-up comedian stand up in front of people and try and be funny? If you've always wondered, Josephine Brouard asked a wide range of performers, from the famous to unknown, and found there's a common gene: insanity.
Download and read on... ( PDF 277 KB)
Being Aunty Mame
This heart-felt article was written for YOUR FAMILY magazine by Josephine Brouard who explores the ways we can stay involved in young people's lives without necessarily having children of one's own. Young people keep you young, alive and on the pulse, she argues.
Download and read on... ( PDF 402 KB)
Mao's Last Dancer Mao's Last Dancer.
In this revealing interview, Josephine Brouard speaks to dancer Li Cunxin and the actors who portray him about Li's thrilling trajectory from Chinese peasant to world star on ballet's stage. The film of the best-selling book, directed by Oscar-winning Bruce Beresford, is a gripping portrayal of Li's true life story as a dancer who defected to the West.
Download and read on... ( PDF 399 KB)


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