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As a writer, journalist and editor I have worked for various leading South African and Australian media organizations. My career began in South Africa after an
Arts degree and a newspaper cadetship. Covering crime, politics and social
affairs for South Africa’s biggest daily, The Star, I later graduated to lifestyle
magazines and television. For the South African Broadcasting
Corporation (SABC), I reported on-air for news bulletins and later produced
segments for prime-time lifestyle and current affairs programs.

After a decade in media I migrated to Australia in 1986, sponsored by Australian
Consolidated Press and worked there for some years before going freelance for six. In
1994 was appointed Marketing Manager and then Editor of New Woman, a title then
owned by Murdoch Magazines. Circulation, advertising revenue and profits all lifted
dramatically during my tenure. Following three years at Murdoch Magazines, I consulted to the company 1996 to 1999 while gaining a Psychology degree at Macquarie University. After 18 months practising as a psychologist, I joined the Federal Government agency, Equal Opportunity for Women (EOWA) as its Director of Communications and managed a team that produced newsletters, website, media profile, public addresses and glittering events.

Since late 2002, I have freelanced as writer and editor, writing two non-fiction works. The most recent, Monsoon Rains and Icicle Drops (Pier 9, $24.95) made the best-seller lists in Australia in April 2006 while the first, Chief Executives Unplugged (New Frontier, $19.95) was named a “must-read business book” by AFR/BOSS magazine in 2005. I also edited the National Breast Cancer Foundation magazine, PINK, 2003 to 2005, harnessing energy and resources for breast cancer research, helping to raise over half a million dollars in the process.

Currently a writer-at-large, I make a living by writing magazine articles, editing
publications, ghost-writing books and helping companies build brands through exciting,
cut-through communication vehicles. For work examples and testimonials from satisfied
clients and employers, please visit my website, For details about my EMPLOYMENT STRENGTHS, please read on.

A self-motivated self-starter
I’m a confident individual who loves variety, gets bored easily and who works at a relentless,
perfectionist pace. W ith a great deal of experience at self-motivation and with a track record of achievement, I enjoy conceiving, building, reinventing and reinvigorating concepts, processes or communications. When EOWA’s CEO asked me to conceive a way of putting Equal Opportunity on the map in Australia I said, “Let’s create the Equal Opportunity ‘Oscars’,” and we did, staging an event in October 2001 attended by 28 CEOs from the top end of town; generating more than a million dollars’ worth of publicity; attracting ongoing annual sponsorship; and fuelling the desire by companies to get the EO ‘tick of approval’ for their recruitment. Former EOWA CEO Fiona Krautil on (02) 9227 1911 can verify.

Being accountable
I believe very strongly in the ‘80/20 principle’ that suggests one should preferably tackle projects that take up 20 percent of one’s energy or budget for 80 percent outcome… rather than vice versa! At New Woman, I was employed to make a difference to the magazine’s bottom-line and after a year as Marketing Manager and two as Editor, the magazine went into the black for the first time … from $500K debit to $500K credit, a turnaround of one million dollars. This was achieved by improving the magazine content and thus impacting on circulation (up 22 per cent during my tenure); growing advertising revenue by more than 10 per cent; garnering editorial awards for the magazine; and increasing brand awareness through an award-winning cinema campaign. Former Murdoch Marketing Director Mark Kelly on 0418 971 040 can verify.

Being proactive, being a leader
My personality profiles suggest that I am a ‘natural born leader’. Thoroughly enjoying interaction with others I tend to lead by example, believing that the best way to rolemodel behaviour is to show up for work enthusiastically and throw oneself with passion into the job. At Murdoch Magazines, I was in charge of an editorial department of about 15 people and at least two dozen freelance contributors; at EOWA, I ran a small, tight ship of six communication professionals; and in my personal life I enjoy inspiring others for all sorts of charitable events and causes.


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, 1975 to 1977 (incl).
  • Journalism Cadetship, The Argus Group, South Africa, 1978/79
  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Macquarie University, 1996 to 1998 (incl).
  • Private mentorship with leading social researcher Hugh Mackay, late 1998
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Macquarie University, 1999
  • Crisis counselling accreditation, Lifeline, June 2000
  • Leadership and Self Development with Margot Cairnes of The Change Dynamic, 2001/2002.
  • Graduate Diploma Education, Macquarie University (enrolled part-time), 2006


  • Computer literate (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Qwark, SPSS, Web browsing)
  • Founding member Australian Society of Magazine Editors (ASME), 1996
  • Associate member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) 1999/2000
  • Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI), 2001/2002
  • Student member of English Teachers Association (ETA), 2006
  • Happily married, no children
  • Interests include yoga, bush walking, bridge, cinema, reading, travel, and the outdoors.
  • Volunteer Charity work: In Feb to May 2002, I was one of a five-person committee who conceived and staged an AIDS benefit that resulted in a cheque for over 400,000 SAR (after expenses) being presented in South Africa to the Nkosi Johnson Aids Foundation.
  • Volunteer 2002 to 2004 for Mahboba’s Promise, working to bring relief to widows and orphans in Afghanistan. In this capacity I do all their media and write all their brochures and newsletters.


  • Mark Kelly, Publisher, Time Inc magazines, 0418 971 040
  • Sue Murray, General Manager, National Breast Cancer Foundation, (02) 9299 4090
  • Fiona Krautil, former CEO EOWA , now Head of Diversity @ ANZ Bank,
    (02) 9227 1911
  • Jody Scott, Editor, News Magazines, SUNDAY, home 9365 6660 (maternity leave)
  • Murdoch Magazines’ former CEO Matt Handbury, now CEO Murdoch Books,
    (02) 8220 2000
  • Hazel Flynn, Commissioning Editor, Murdoch Books, (02) 8220 2000

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